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Panopto for Windows/Remote Recorder Update 2020-06-08

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited August 2020 in Release Notes

Panopto for Windows/Remote Recorder Update 2020-06-08

  • Improved the quality settings in Panopto for Windows. The 'High' setting is now equivalent to the old 'Ultra' setting and the 'Ultra' setting is now set to a 1080p quality level. The 'Standard' setting remains the same.
  • Fixed an issue where aborting a shutdown attempt on a remote recorder machine could cause future recordings to fail to capture the screen or PowerPoint.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, changing sites in Panopto for Windows clients would require administrator access.
  • Improved application stability by fixing a few rare issues that could crash Panopto for Windows.
  • Fixed an issue where corrupted configuration files could prevent Panopto for Windows from starting.
  • Fixed an issue where the Panopto for Windows background upload service would run without a delayed start, potentially causing slower startup and transient upload issues.

Note: The next major recorder release is currently planned for the fall

Version: 8.0.0.

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