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voice out of sync

I've just recorded my first Panopto video and the voice is out of sync with the video. Is there any way to fix it or do I need to start again? Is there any way to ensure it doesn't keep happening?

Thanks, Melissa


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    It will depend on the configuration. Is the audio consistently out of sync with the video, or does it get worse over time? If it is consistent, this is probably an issue with the configuration, if it gets worse with time, there are a few potential things.

    We have seen a handful of older macs that have had issues with recording long sessions. Sometimes the video and audio will get further and further out of sync as time goes on. The best way to ensure that this doesn't happen is to close any other apps that you don't need to capture.

    I would say you are probably best off contacting the Panopto admins at your institution, they will be able to get you the best answer for your question, and potentially repair the session.


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    Jay MinsterJay Minster Administrator

    The tip Michael mentioned about closing unneeded apps while recording is very good advice.

    In my personal experience I've seen desync if my computer's processor is maxed out while recording, which can happen under stress (ex: when recording multiple HD sources at once).

    Reducing the quality will also reduce the strain on system resources. What equipment are you using for your camera and microphone?

    It's also crucial to make sure video & audio drivers are up to date.

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    Thank you both. I will make sure nothing unnecessary is running and give it another try. To answer Michael's question, the gap is consistent throughout.

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    I've seen this happen a fair bit with laptops that cant cope with the CPU. Also make sure the correct drivers are installed if you are using an external webcam. Something i have noticed recently is the "Panopto Capture" web recorder running in chrome seems waaaaaaay less CPU intensive then using the panopto desktop client. Maybe give it a go if the problem persists?

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    Is there any suggestion how to sync Audi and video after the recording?
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    Hi @Kazim Topuz,

    This would be something our Support team should look at, as your audio/video shouldn't be out of sync. To expedite this matter, and make things easier for you, I will submit a ticket on your behalf and let your local Panopto administrator know that you're experiencing this. Please keep an eye out for correspondence from our Support team regarding this matter.

    If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

    Best wishes,


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