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Customize Copyright Notice

We would love to be able customize our copyright notice that plays before each session. I'm thinking this could be done in 3 ways:

  1. A Text editor where the admin can select different fonts, sizes, colors (both font and BG), layout, etc...
  2. Ability to upload a graphic as the copyright notice. This can be customized by the admin with all of the pertinent information and simply uploaded as the "copyright image".
  3. Ability to have a "copyright" video play before each session (when enabled). I realize that this can technically be done now but splicing in a video to over 5000 sessions is quite time consuming.
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    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Does nobody else use this feature?

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    I think you can just enter HTML+CSS

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    Jeff MaherJeff Maher Crackerjack

    Nope. It's just text.

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    It does take HTML, we've had HTML in it before.

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    Jeff MaherJeff Maher Crackerjack

    They must have changed it because ll it did was display the text with all of the HTML tags included. I think something changed with the last update because now it doesn't even acknowledge the blank lines that I inserted. It's just one lump of a paragraph.

    @Panopto Support , can you shed some light on this?

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    agreed. would love to see this feature. the copyright notice is ugly at the moment. we'd also like to display both copyright notice AND a disclaimer about the captions not being 99% accurate so we need need some formatting...

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