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How does Panopto decide which Powerpoint transitions become TOC items?

edited July 2020 in General Q&A

I have recorded a few videos and made sure to include Powerpoint as a source when recording. Because I do this, Panopto generates Table of Contents (TOC) items automatically. However, I am getting inconsistent results when doing this. My question is how does the Panopto recorder decide which transitions become TOC items? I tried looking through the documentation and couldn't find a definitive answer.


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    "Heuristics". Which I interpret as a magic algorithm which will undoubtedly need some fine tuning.

    My guess is more than X% of the entire screen changes within Y seconds or something similar.

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    Yes, if the slides stays in screen for a while, and then, the user clicked on the Power Point Presentation check box---> Then, it uses the PowerPoint slide title textbok content for the TOC. Sometimes, if the presenter goes back to a slide, it will also add that title to the TOC multiple times.

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