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A "My Recordings" button

edited August 2020 in Feature Requests

A button which pulls together all of the recordings made by the user and shows them alongside the name of the folder in which they are located. This would improve experience for end users and support staff.

This would prevent lots of confusion when users have not made a note of where their recordings are going and/or forgot to change the folder before recording.

It would help users to locate their own recordings reducing the need for additional support.

If this option was also available through the "users" tab it would help system administrators to find recordings by a particular user - the only way for support staff to do this currently is to use the search box and search for the username.

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    This is a good request. Maybe under Everything, have a select for My recordings or other videos that i have access too. Separating both will help the users realize what is actually theirs and what is shared by someone else.

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    Love this idea! As Carlos suggests, a filter from Everything seems like an easy approach.

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    This is a great idea.

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