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Publishers Gain Page to View Videos Which Require Approval

A hub or page where users with the publisher role are able to see a full list of the videos which need approval.

This will make it much easier for publishers to find and approve videos, streamlining the process of approval.

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    Hi! I came to these forums to request the same feature today.

    I agree - I think that having a central place where "publishers" can go to see "all" videos in which they have access to publish, would be quite helpful. It can likely be added as another button on the left-side panel, and, similar to "In Progress", only be seen when there are actions required.

    Folks who are in roles that aren't typically a 'video approver' may often forget that they have videos that are waiting their approval. Also, when there are multiple approvers on a folder, this helps to avoid the question of "has this already been approved" or "has the other approver not approved it yet".


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    Maybe this could be rolled into some sort of an overall moderation function. It could be available to anyone with Creator+ for videos that they have access to then they could review content and filter down to content that they have control over to review content complaints, review publish requests (if they have access to publish), and quickly audit their content.

    I would be all in for this sort of an interface.

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    This would also make the email approval workflow much more streamlined. Is this being prioritized at this time?

    This is a must-have feature for most enterprise organizations since we need a approval workflow before allowing content to be published to the entire organization.

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