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Please allow to opt-out from Panopto recorder update during signin process (SSO)

Please allow to opt-out from Panopto recorder update during signin process (SSO) as pressing "cancel" button fails the entire authentication process and users with older Panopto recorder versions are not able to singin to record or upload the videos directly from the recorder.


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  • If I could vote this up 100 times, I would.

    On a locked down computer, there is no useful option, I can't download and install the update, because I don't have the permissions on the computer. If I want to use Panopto, I want to use it NOW, not when our IT department have sorted out the update for me in a week's time.

    This weekend, it's only by loading Panopto onto my own personal computer that has allowed me to get my work ready for next week.

    If the uploaded files were OK with the last version, what's the big problem?, why are the options so limited?

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