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Panopto 6.0 Windows Clients Release Update (Date: 2019-06-20)

Windows Clients Release 2019-06-20

  • Fixed an issue where the Panopto for Windows installer would break pinned shortcuts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Remote Recorder would fail to preview audio from older digital video devices.
  • Improved UI text translations for better clarity in non-EN languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the start recording label could be accidentally cropped in German.
  • Fixed an issue where the last couple seconds of a recording would be incorrectly cut.
  • Fixed a rare crash in Panopto for Windows that could occur while changing tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes Panopto for Windows hangs on shutdown, preventing the application from reopening or the Remote Recorder from starting.
  • Fixed an issue where some 3rd party login providers show a warning about the embedded browser being out of date.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally screen capture fails in Panopto for Windows while trying to capture a duplicated output.
  • Fixed a rare crash in Panopto for Windows while recording.

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