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Service update 2020-09-10

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited September 2020 in Release Notes

Service update 2020-09-10

  • Removed the beta label for Panopto Capture on Firefox desktop browser. Overall, Panopto Capture is now out of beta for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge desktop browsers. Mobile browsers on Android are still in beta and support for Safari as well as iOS is coming soon. Please note: Chrome version 77 or newer and Firefox version 69 and newer is required to use Panopto Capture.
  • Added ability to set a custom message and link in the Captions dialog to help end users. This custom message can be set by using the following site settings:
    • Captions modal custom message: Use this setting to enter text for the custom message.
    • Captions modal custom message link: Optional link to be included in the message.
    • Captions modal custom message link text: The text for the optional link.
  • Added the ability to exclude Zoom meetings or scheduled recordings when copying a course using Canvas Course Copy (beta).
  • Added the ability for administrators to see which user and when a particular administrative setting was updated.
  • Fixed an issue where Smart Chapters (beta) did not pick up the chapter title at the beginning of the video stream.
  • Improved Smart Chapters (beta) to recognize more appropriate strings in title slides.
  • Fixed a rare issue where secondary streams coming from a recorder might not have thumbnails automatically generated.
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect slide could be shown between two slideshows in the embed player.
  • Fixed an issue in the Panopto Blackboard building block where it could fail to report the current Blackboard Server version back to Panopto.
  • Fixed an issue where Moodle integration could fail to automatically create an assignment folder when the course was provisioned using LTI instead of the Moodle Block Plugin.
  • Fixed an issue where re-encoding content coming from Panopto for Mac could have an improperly set low frame rate. 
  • Fixed an issue in JavaScript embed APIs where site names with dashes didn't work correctly.
  • Updated UI string for Zoom deletion feature

Version: 9.6.0.

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