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Video showing as "No content" in folder

This afternoon, I recorded a ~30 minute lecture. I still have the screen open and can play the video. The green status bar at the top is nearly filled and it says it is "Uploading your video." It has been like that for several hours, but the recorded video still plays properly. In my folder, there is an item with a matching timestamp but it shows as "No content."

I wasn't able to get the quick chat function to work even though I have TeamViewer installed and regularly use it (my OS is Solus Linux). So, that's why I'm posting my issue here. I just want to preserve my recorded video.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Hi Corey,

    I'm sorry for the delay in my response - it seems like your question may not have been flagged as such, so I didn't see it in my unanswered category. This would definitely be an issue for our Support team to look at, especially if you're still having this issue. I'm happy to submit a ticket on your behalf, please let me know either way. If you do want me to submit a support ticket, please let me know which organization you are accessing Panopto through.

    Best wishes,


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