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Is there a way to remove the Everything part of the user interface

In testing the assignment folder feature, I have logged into Panopto as a student and found that within their everything folder they can see videos shared by academics who have selected "Anyone within the Organisation" While there is an element of user training that needs to take place here, I am sure they were not expecting this to equally include student accounts.

If we could hide the everything folder from view, they would still be able to see folders shared with them and their own folder for recording assignments. Mainly our students will be viewing videos within Moodle and will not need to visit the site, however Video assessment students might in order to use the Panopto recording features.

I cannot see anything within the settings that enables you to customise the users view to that extent.

Any help on this will be brilliant,




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    If you are on prem, potentially. If you are a cloud customer, the best way I can think of is to restrict the everyone at the org and public options to admins.
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    I put in a feature request on this, too. Can't find it anywhere. Hoping it isn't lost.

    Yes, as the admin for our campus, I would like to be able to hide/remove the Everything Folder. It creates more confusion/consternation than is helpful. Thanks for posting it Shaun!

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    I agree. It concerns most of our users I talk to because they see their videos interspersed with random videos and think their videos can be seen as well.

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    Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
    edited January 2021

    I think "Everything" in concept is useful, it just needs some rebranding and a bit of filtering available so users can truly understand what it does. Once I sit down with a user, they don't have a problem with it, but we've had a few urgent questions come in along the lines of "What gives? My stuff is available to everyone?!"

    If there was a note at the top of the page that said something along the lines of "This list shows you everything that you have access to view. It includes things that you've made, things that have been shared with you directly, and things that are generally available."

    Along with the above text, there should be a few checkboxes or a few dropdowns to filter down to things that the user made, things that they have access to edit, things they have named access to view (could replace the "shared with me" tab), then "everything" as it exists today. This further filtering would also be exceptionally helpful when using content that exists outside of the course folder in the LMS.

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    I'm hoping that the addition of more granular roles could help to resolve this, e.g. creators for these sessions wouldn't have the permission to share with all at org for certain folders - it was on staging/beta but seems to be stalled at the moment...

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