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Presenter view on Mac

I am using a Mac. Whenever I try to switch to presenter view, it records my notes and slides, rather than just the slides. I have watched every video available, and nothing addresses this. I try with "record power point" clicked or unclicked. What am I doing wrong? Secondary 1 source is "built-in display" Secondary 2 source is "non"


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    Hi Evonne,

    I would suggest recording your video with the PowerPoint box selected and both secondary sources set to "none." Alternatively, you could also trim out the screen that showed the slides in presenter view and leave the slides stream in the editor, if you captured both the screen and the slides while recording. To learn more about trimming a video, please visit How to Trim a Video.

    I hope this is helpful - please let us know if you have any more questions or issues.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks. I do't know why there is no information on the web, but this is helpful. It worked.

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