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Panopto 7.0 Service Update (Date: 2019-09-18)

Service update 2019-09-18

  • Re-enabled the ability for creators to see scheduled recordings in their folders without needing any additional permissions on remote recorders.
  • Fixed an issue where the "See All" sub-folders tables in System Dashboard sometimes displayed incorrectly aggregated values.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the folder hierarchy in the iOS app.
  • Fixed an issue with approval workflows where approval rights were required to modify any access controls on subfolders of approval-requiring folders.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO sign in failed with Blackboard Ultra integration under certain situations when using custom role mapping definition.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate folders might be created in some situations when Panopto quiz tool is used in Blackboard.
  • Fixed an issue where bulk provisioning for the Canvas and D2L identity providers sometimes do not finish processing due to a transient failure in a remote API invocation.
  • Fixed an issue where user groups, for SAML group attributes, get incorrectly created in rare situations even though auto group creation is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where SAML group attribute was not mapped to the correct Panopto user group in certain situations, resulting in group user incorrectly losing access to a resource accessible to the user group.
  • Updated the maximum remote recorder scheduled recording duration from 24 hours to 16 hours.
  • Fixed an issue where remote recorders being moved between sites could malfunction.
  • Updated the user message for batch permissions update for folders or sessions to explicitly list any folders or sessions where permissions were not updated.
  • Disabled the rewind and forward 10 seconds buttons in the embed player when watching a webcast as they didn't work correctly. Currently, seeking is not available while watching a webcast in the embed player.

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