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Service update 2020-10-12

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited October 2020 in Release Notes

Service update 2020-10-12

  • Smart Chapters are now generally available to everyone with this latest cloud update. Smart Chapters are automatic table of contents entries created through Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which identifies content within the video rather than from uploaded PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. Improvements made to this feature include a more intuitive user experience in the editor to show, edit, or hide Smart Chapters. Additionally, Smart Chapters can be controlled at the folder level to allow greater flexibility in enabling Smart Chapters for your organization. For more information, please see  How to Enable Smart Chapters and How to Use Smart Chapters .

  • Added support for displaying CEA-608/708 captions included in an RTMP stream during a live broadcast.  After the broadcast, the captions will be automatically imported into Panopto when the broadcast is converted to an on-demand video, if the site setting "RTMP closed caption import " is set to true (default is false). See more: How to Use RTMP Live Captioning.
  • Updated RSS feed metadata for iTunes to include video description as itunes:summary tag.
  • Updated the link to  "assignment folder' in user settings to actually navigate to the assignment folder instead of the assignment folder settings.
  • Adding a new feature to filter out the meetings that are scheduled by Zoom LTI Pro feature for unintended LMS instance.
  • Fix an issue where automatic captioning was producing no output for some very short videos.
  • Fixed an issue where uploaded content with multiple audio tracks with differing numbers of channels could successfully process but have no sound.
  • Fixed an issue where Panopto's API calls to Zoom to get meeting participant's information caused API throttling if the number of participants was large.
  • Fixed an issue where secondary video of imported videos from Zoom are not shown or hidden at proper timings due to extra or missing notifications from Zoom about sharing status.
  • Fixed an issue where the background worker to find Zoom meetings which were not notified to Panopto by WebEx (rare cases) did not run correctly towards a Zoom site which was hooked up to multiple Panopto sites.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoom transcripts failed to be imported under a rare condition when Panopto had a stream name that was null.
  • Added retry logic to fix a transient quiz reporting issue where in some situations quiz results were not reported. Panopto will attempt to resend results up to three times if the initial attempt to send the quiz results to the LMS failed for some reason. Please note, it may take a few hours for the results to populate in the LMS.
  • Fixed a bug where redirect URLs for API Clients could be left with whitespace at the beginning or end of the URL, causing a failure to get an access token.
  • Fixed an issue where transient failures while the viewer encode processing is completing could lead to multiple ready-to-view e-mail notifications being sent.
  • Fixed a rare issue where Panopto Capture recordings could have audio desync after processing.
  • Fixed a few minor issues in JavaScript Embed APIs around autoplay and isMuted property.
  • Fixed an issue in Panopto Capture, where in certain situations Chromium browsers didn't send any video frames for screen shares resulting in a failed recording.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases RTMP webcasts with high bit-rate didn't play correctly for some users.

Version 9.8.0

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