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Panopto Quiz Results Inconsistently Pushed to Canvas

I am also opening this with Canvas support, but imagine the issue needs to be addressed by both organizations. My colleagues and I have had multiple students reach out about Panopto quiz points not appearing in Canvas.

We have informed them they must 1) click the link to the video from the Canvas assignment, and 2) that the points may take multiple hours to appear. However, the issues persist for random students over many weeks.

I'm surprised there is no way to report a bug like this as a basic member - thus I'm opening this question with the hopes that it's the correct format for reporting an issue.

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    Hi Cait,

    Thanks for such a prompt reply. I received an email from support today about a fix released on 10/12 which should address the grades getting posted to the LMS. The request number was 00691449, for reference by others as needed. I won't be able to confirm the fix myself, as we already switched to use Canvas-based quizzes instead to avoid this issue.



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