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Panopto 7.0 On-prem Release (Date: 2019-10-28)

On-prem release 2019-10-28

This release contains all the new features and improvements that have been released to Panopto’s cloud environments since the previous on-premises release in April 2019. For more details on new features, settings changes and improvements, please check out our release notes: 

Additionally, the following changes are specific to the on-premises release.

Behavior changes and bug fixes

  • With this release, Panopto requires Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP1 or higher.
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbnail for a video embedded in Moodle is not displayed correctly in certain situations.
  • Panopto for Mac version is set to 7.1.0. All users will be asked to update it after Panopto server is updated to this version.
  • Deprecated the feature to export deleted videos to a zip file. Please use the Recycle Bin feature (released in Panopto 6) to restore deleted videos.
  • Fixed an issue where PowerPoint slides did not process in some cases when a destination folder is not present.
  • Fixed an issue where cleanup date for content retention was incorrectly calculated.

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