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Panopto Capture web recorder feature description is confusing

Faculty have pointed out that the new Panopto Capture feature description is not clear and is confusing. Also, in general, faculty do not understand what a "session" is, but they understand video or audio recordings, or presentations:

Perhaps rewording to something similar to the recommendations below might make it clearer:


Create -> New Panopto recording (Record with the Panopto app on your computer)

Create -> New Panopto recording (Launch the Panopto app on your computer)


Create ->New Panopto recording (Record with Panopto Capture on the web browser)

Create ->New Panopto recording with Panopto Capture (Launch the Panopto web recorder)

Create ->New Panopto recording with Panopto Capture (Record with the Panopto web browser recorder)

Thanks very much!

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    I would love to see tool tips like this be able to be modified across the board. Because we cannot change CSS in Panopto, it is difficult to address concerns we have with verbiage/functionality.

    I think the tiers in this Create menu should be:

    • Create
      • Record (a single option that opens a modal window, like it does in the LMS)
        • Launch Panopto Desktop - Recorder Record with the application installed on your PC/MacOS Device
        • Launch Panopto Capture - Record from your web browser
      • Upload (again, new modal window)
        • Batch Upload Video/Audio
        • Build a Session
      • Webcast
        • Panopto Recorder
        • RTMP
      • Playlist
      • Zoom (or WebEx) Meeting (?) - https://community.panopto.com/discussion/903/zoom-integration-improvements/
      • Folder
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    Looks like there have been some updates to the icons and text as part of the 12/19 release. I wonder if these slight improvements are good enough for the original poster?

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    @Jaime Bermudez, Woohoo! This is great. I had forgotten about this feature request. The label is definitely an improvement and is much clearer. Thank you!

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