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Allow Opera browser to use Panopto Capture

The Opera web browser is a fully functional, standards-compliant web browser that has been around for 25 years. Please test and consider adjusting Panopto Capture to allow Opera users to record with it.

While it may not have the install base of Firefox or Chrome, Opera is perfectly capable of handling every task needed to use Panopto effectively - I've been using it exclusively as a Panopto admin for a while now. This includes RTP capture for using webcams and mics in online recordings, which is the technology that connects a webcam to a web browser. Unfortunately, Panopto's web capture tool blocks Opera, apparently because the browser is not named "Firefox" or "Chrome", rather than on whether or not it has RTP capabilities. I assure that it does have those capabilities as Opera works great with VoiceThread, which also uses RTP for its online recording and does not block Opera.

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

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