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Problem with Processing Slides

I have been using Panopto without any problems for four months. Then yesterday, I had taped a 7 minute lecture and it uploaded. I got the 'Processing slides' notification and this went to 0%, but after a while I got the message 'Could not process slides'. I re-recorded the lecture and tried again to no avail. I tried many things over around 2 hours, and kept getting the same message. Finally I tried taping < 1 minute 'Test'. This was processed very quickly. I then tried to re-upload and re-process my 7 minute lecture via the 'Set Offline' method but still got the 'Could not Process Slides' message. I am at work where my Control Panel says that my internet speed is 100 MBs. Can you advise? I need to get these lectures ready for tomorrow.

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