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Panopto 7.0 Service Update (Date: 2019-08-21)

Service update 2019-08-21

  • Added permanent deletion as an option for retention action.
  • Permanently deleted items will not appear in the recycle bin and associated information will be removed.
  • Added session duration to content retention audit report.
  • Fixed an issue where department admins were receiving emails intended for users with the 'publisher' role.
  • Fixed an issue where the license deactivation button was hidden, which prevented users from blocking a remote recorder from connecting.
  • Fixed an issue where the remote recorder list page did not display a ‘no audio device’ error when the audio device was offline, but the primary video device remained connected.
  • Fixed an issue where quiz reporting result feature did not work correctly with Blackboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Panopto's public REST API could not be invoked by JavaScript code in the browser.
  • Enabled default site settings such as transcription provider, to be applied to new folders created via provisioning or LMS.
  • Tuned the performance of the browse tray by limiting the set of folders that are auto-expanded on reload.
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where changes to cuts were not applied in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the date picker for scheduling a recording did not work correctly when using German locale.
  • Fixed an issue with the share permissions page where clicking 'save' before the page fully loaded resulted into incorrect permissions.

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