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LTI integration sandboxes for tool providers

edited January 2021 in Integrations

Hello All:

I work for a company that produces a software platform for courses. One of the features we have is to allow instructors to add their own content to our courses. Some of our clients use Panopto for video and they have requested a feature that allows them to embed Panopto video on our application. We have implemented LTI integrations and since Panopto supports LTI, it would be fairly easy for us to allow embedding Panopto content in our courses.

I have found your documentations but how can I get access to a test account or sandbox so that I can develop and test LTI integrations for my product?



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    Hi Hari,

    I've sent you a private message to discuss this. If you have any additional questions, please include them there.

    Best wishes,


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