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Panopto 360 and VR display on phone

edited May 2021 in General Q&A


I'm interested in if anyone has used the 360 display settings? I found uploading and setting the display to 360 as easy as other platforms. The trouble I have is when I view back on my phone screen it is really reactive. I can't workout how to adjust the sensitivity. Interested in any suggestions or experience with this feature.

Thank you

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
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    Hi Claire,

    I spoke with the team that manages our mobile application. They have confirmed a known bug within the VR/360 plugin. Our team is working with the developer to fix this; however, there is no ETA for a fix at this time.

    As soon as I hear anything else regarding this matter, I will keep you updated.

    Best wishes,



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    Hello Cait,

    I was hoping it was user error on my part, or just my phone.

    It works fine on desktop view for now, but will be a really cool feature once it's fixed. Interested to see what happens with this feature in the educational setting.


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    I've downloaded the latest update of the Panopto App. I've found is that that pure VR mode is still overly responsive, flicks around all over the place. However, the general viewing now has navigation by moving the phone/device around.

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    Will 360 videos play back in the mobile app, or is it only for goggles and computer/laptop for now?

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