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LTI Custom integration

edited October 2021 in Integrations

I started this topic in the API section, but now I need some information on integration.

We created a custom LTI integration for our sandbox and wondering is there a log or feedback mechanism to debug requests sent to the server?

I didn't see anything in the admin pages. Our requests are just returning the 500 error page.

Also, is Outcomes v1 supported?




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    Piggy backing on this.

    Is there anyway to determine why the LTI request didn't execute? Are there logs on the sandbox?

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    Hi Alvin,

    This seems like an issue our Support team should investigate. To expedite this matter and make things easier for you, I can create a Support ticket on your behalf. Please feel free to message me, or reply to this thread with, the name of your organization so that I may file a Support ticket for you.

    Thank you,


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    Sent you a message. Thank you.

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    I have the same problem, when i call LTI.aspx on my domain. How did you solve it?



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