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Is the http 200 status is returned when the process is successfully accepted or completed?

I previously received an answer to this question that the http status is 200 to determine if the process was successful or failed.


Could you inform me if the http status is returned when the process is successfully accepted or when the process is successfully completed?

For example, when I create a user or user group, for some reason the user or group is not actually created on Panopto, or is there a significant time lag in the creation process?

Should I check that the updates are reflected after processing to be the most reliable?


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    The http status should be an indication of the process succeeded (or not). In this case the user and/or user group should have been created immediately if you retrieved a 200 response. If that doesn't correlate with what you're seeing you can have your POC open a support ticket and we can investigate the details of your api usage.


    Panopto Platform Developer

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