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What’s New: UX changes in release 14.0

Chris_KnowltonChris_Knowlton Panopto Employee
edited August 2023 in What's New

Panopto version 14.0 (released July 27, 2023) includes several user experience updates. As noted last November in our Expected Release Schedule 2023 post, we went into 2023 switching from large releases every six months to continuous releases happening about every two weeks. While we’ve incremented the major version number with our 14.0 release, this too is just an incremental release. However, we’ve released many new features in the last six months on our continuous release schedule, so refer back to our previous What’s New and Release Notes posts to get all the details. We hope you enjoy getting these smaller updates every few weeks! Read on for information about what’s in this release.


We’re continuing the incremental rollout of user experience changes started in the 13.18 release on April 20, 2023. The updates in release 14.0 make some noticeable improvements to the layout, functionality, and styling of list views in Panopto. In addition to the main changes called out in the image below, you may also notice some other minor styling changes that don’t affect functionality but increase consistency across design elements.

Figure 1. Improvements to the styling, layout, and functionality of list views in Panopto.


We want to continuously improve the user experience with Panopto, always striving to make it more intuitive and align with evolving industry design elements and best practices.


Since the UX changes are minor, they’ll be applied to your Panopto libraries automatically as they roll out. No action is required on the part of Panopto administrators or content creators. For viewers, the new UX changes will update the look and feel of Panopto libraries with only minor changes required in end-user behavior.

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