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Panopto iframes overflowing Label boundaries

Eric PhetteplaceEric Phetteplace Whiz Kid
edited October 2023 in Moodle

Are other institutions seeing the iframes inserted by the Panopto button overflowing the boundary of Label resources? We don't seem to have this problem with other video sources (YouTube, Vimeo) and it only recently started happening with Panopto, perhaps after we upgraded to 4.0 a few months ago. See the example at the bottom of this post; the video overflows the light gray border.

Related question: is there a way to set the embed defaults from the Panopto plugin? I didn't see any settings related to this. If we could reduce the default size, it would alleviate some issues. I know our users could edit the HTML and choose a smaller iframe size, but that is not a realistic thing to ask them to do.



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    Hi @Eric Phetteplace,

    This isn't expected behavior for our embedded content and I believe it's something our Support team should investigate. To make things easier for you and expedite this matter, I've opened a Support ticket on your behalf - please keep an eye out for correspondence from our team on this.

    Additionally, there is a Feature Request for responsive embeds. Though we do not have an update regarding the roadmap and timing for this, I've added your organization to the list of customers interested in this feature request and made our team aware.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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    In Canvas the Panopto iFrame seems to reflow with the container as I'd expect. On the defaults, that isn't something that I've seen, but there may be something that support can adjust at the site level. I agree, that would be a nice addition to the platform.

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