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Zoom + Panopto AI Features

@Caitlin McCabe , I would recommend an Advanced Panopto Webinar on the Zoom + Panopto AI Features.

  1. What is Panopto importing from Zoom AI Companion recordings? I noticed that Chat's are importing into Panopto.
  2. What are the Panopto admin settings that should be considered?
  3. What are the Panopto AI features and options -- what's enabled automatically



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    I may be mistaken but I don't think Panopto imports any of the Zoom AI Companion stuff.

    I think those are exclusive to Zoom and are not currently a part of the actual Cloud Recording. As such, I don't think Panopto can import them.

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    Hi @Elba Rios,

    I checked in with my colleagues. To answer your questions, we aren't currently importing anything from Zoom AI Companion recordings. For settings, we would suggest referring to our documentation (How to Set Up a Zoom Integration: Configuring Account Zoom Cloud Recording Settings). We do not have any AI features yet, so nothing is enabled automatically for this.

    In addition, Mackenzie let me know that she's responded to your related Feature Request and had some follow up questions :-)

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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    @Chaz Barbour, @Caitlin McCabe - I don't know if it's an AI Zoom companion thing, but for our Zoom + Panopto integration, Panopto imports the Zoom "Chat" comments into the Panopto "Discussion" tab. This does pose some privacy issues. I noticed that the Zoom recordings for a weekly speakers series was importing the chats. Today I did some testing, the "private" Zoom chats are not imported, only the ones posted to "everyone."

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