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Service Update 2024-06-28 (Panopto 15.0)

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited June 27 in Release Notes

Service Update 2024-06-28

Please note: This update will be applied at the end of business hours on Jun 28th for the North America, Canada, and European clouds and at the end of business hours on Jun 29th for the Asia-Pacific and Australia clouds.

  • Added a new analytics bundle which includes (Admin only) dashboards to provide customers with deeper insights on content usage, learner engagement, and more. Once added to your Panopto license, Admins will have access to interactive dashboards, including System Insights, Creation Insights (Creation by Creator, Folder, and Source), Retention Insights, and Remote Recorders. Learn more about Panopto Knowledge Insights here. Please contact your Account Manager for more information on how to add Knowledge Insights to your Panopto license.
  • Added a new Access AI bundle which includes high-level and detailed video summaries and improved smart chapters. Once added to your Panopto license, admins will be able to evaluate video summaries and smart chapters from within our interactive viewer. In a subsequent release, Access AI will also include automatic language detection and automatic language translation. Learn more about Access AI here. Feel free to contact your Account Manager for more information on how to add Access AI to your Panopto license.
  • Added a Captions AI filter to System > Processing > Filter by task
  • Added new context menu and action modals for folder settings to allow commonly used actions to be completed without requiring users to open folder settings. This improvement has also been implemented into our embedded folder view. For more info on this UI improvement see our What’s New forum post here.
  • Added support for Modern Standard Arabic language features, including automatic captions powered by Automatic Speech Recognition, search, Optical Character Recognition, Smart Chapters, and Custom Dictionary. To enable Arabic support for new content, select Arabic as the Content Language in folder settings, or contact Support to set Arabic as the default language site-wide. Our support article for using multiple languages for captions can be reviewed here.
  • Added a new endpoint to the Panopto REST API to download a copy of a report based on the report ID. The API will return the contents of the report as an attachment.
  • Fixed an issue with video progress gradebook reporting that could result in grades being sent to the gradebook too soon when videos contained quizzes.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from being able to view stats for Department folders when in embed view.

Version 15.0.0.
Note: An edit was made to reflect the updated release dates

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