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Video freezing on Macbook Pro 16 inches

edited May 2020 in General Q&A


I have been getting the error below on a brand new MacBook Pro 16 inches each time I record a session. The camera freezes and the error pops up. It happens at random times. I did several tests and it could happen in 5 minutes or in 45 minutes, but it always happens. If I click on "Try Again" nothing happens. If I wait, after about 20 minutes the video comes back and if I click try again it is good. Unfortunately, this is very inconvenient and have destroyed some of my sessions.

I have to add that I have recorded sessions in two other macs (an older MacBook Pro and an iMac) and this error never shows up. I am wondering if anyone knows why this could be happening. By the way, every other app in this MacBook 16 works perfectly fine, I just have this Panopto issue.



PS: I am running Version 7.2.0 (, which is the latest available for UCCS

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
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    Hi Carlos,

    This would be an issue for our Support team. I will reach out to your local Panopto administrator and our Support team on your behalf - please keep an eye out for future correspondence regarding this matter.

    Best wishes,



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    This issue is also happening on my MacBook Air. I have asked the IT Helpdesk at my institution and have not received a solution.


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