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Possible to watch/edit Panopto videos locally on PC?


I can create/save a Panopto video on my PC locally, but I don't see a way to play or edit it on my PC. The only way seems to be to upload it to the cloud-based server, and then play (and edit) it there.

Is there a way to watch the recordings (and edit them) before you upload them?

I'm new to Panopto and want to explore before I put something in the cloud, plus this would be handy to have when no internet connection is available.

This is under Windows 10 - thanks.

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    Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator

    Hi Esmail,

    We don't offer an offline editor, but you can download your video as an .mp4 file and edit them in other software offline. The steps in our article, How to Download Video or Audio Streams as MP4s, can walk you through downloading the video files.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask - we're always happy to help!

    Best wishes,


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Esmail Bonakdarian One other thing to note: Panopto for Windows has a setting that allows you to save an MP4 to your computer for each video source you are recording. These are additional files that are created in your Panopto Recorder directory on your computer. To turn this on, go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and then check the box next to "Capture in MP4 format". After you select that, you will be able to watch back each video stream on your computer without downloading. You could also use an outside editor to edit the videos and then upload to Panopto if you wish (but as Cait noted, the Panopto editor can only be used once the video is in the cloud.)

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    @Kathryn, I attempt to view mp4 file in  Panopto Recorder directory, but it only includes voice, not the PowerPoint slides that was captured in the recording. My recording was for a lecture with voice over PowerPoint slides. When recording was uploaded to cloud and then I downloaded the MP4 from the player, it included both voice and PowerPoint slides. So the mp4 stored in the local Panopto Recorder directory is different to that in cloud. Is this expected?

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    @Cait McCabe Hi, thanks for the info, I will take a look at the link. That seems to imply that I have to upload it first? I thought I found a way to save these files locally.

    Again, I'm disappointed that I have to use the internet to be doing any of this, an ability to do this locally would offer more flexibility and less latency. I could record and edit on my machine and then upload it once it was done. Also makes just testing the workflow/tools more easy.

    Is there a degradation in video/audio quality in these extra conversion/download/upload steps?

    Also, not really keen on learning yet another tool to edit video given limited time and resources. Is there something free and decent you can recommend for the Windows 10 platform in case there is no other choice?

    Not trying to be snarky, but should I consider Camtasia (sp?) - a colleague recommended it, though I think the learning curve might be a bit more steep, and I'm not sure it allows me to do things locally like I am trying to.

    Thank you for your help.


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    @Kathryn Hi .. thanks for confirming I can save these locally on my Win 10 PC.

    Is there a decent and free video recorder you can recommend. Do I need to worry about audio/video degradation when doing all of this outside processing? I really would prefer to do all of this recording/editing locally in one tool before uploading it.

    Please seem my comments to Cait about this too.

    I do appreciate the responses and effort to help.


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    KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Esmail Bonakdarian I don't have free recommendation for you, but we do have other customers who create videos in Camtasia and upload to Panopto. This will work totally fine if you decide to go that route.

    There are quality settings that control the download that you will get out of Panopto after uploading, so depending on the settings, this might be a lower quality than what you recorded the video at. You can read more about download quality settings here: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/advanced-podcast-features-0

    @Jie Shen Yes, that is the expected behavior when recording just audio and powerpoint slides. The audio and the images of the slides are synced up when they are uploaded to Panopto. The "Capture in MP4" creates separate MP4s for the different streams recorded with a some exceptions - PPT slides are inserted as images in the video, so they do not get their own MP4. Primary video and audio will be joined together as 1 MP4, and if you are recording just primary audio with one secondary screen capture or camera that will be joined into 1 MP4.

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