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Allow Quiz Retake

Michael EspeyMichael Espey Superstar
edited September 2020 in Feature Requests

As we have expanded the use of Panopto Quizzes in the last few months, we are running into a few issues. We have had multiple instructors reach out needing to give a student another attempt at a video quiz, and short of us turning on the setting to clear all results or the instructor making a one off video copy just for this student, there really isn't an option out there in Panopto. The other major pain point is in the case where a student retakes a course, they are just unable to take the quizzes. That is, unless the instructor takes hours copying and relinking all of the materials (in some cases it is 30+ quizzes per course).

This would also generally be useful when a student is retaking a class and the quizzes aren't copied into the new course folder, but just link back to the previous term. The new Canvas course copy features should fix this for us, but I still think having a way to allow a retake without clearing everything is a good tool to have.

People really like the feature (video quizzes), we just need a few things to make it so I can confidently recommend it. The above is one of those things.

The others are as follows:

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  • Adding my support for this request. The ability to purge an individual student's results (to allow for a retake) might be one option to consider.

  • I came across this request while typing up a related idea. I thought I should link the two in case people are interested in one or the other - this issue regards Panopto quizzes being brought into Canvas: Panopto Quizzes Do Not Allow Multiple Attempts without Overwrite

  • I just had an instructor ask if she could limit the number of retakes to a specific number.

    Her other suggestion is related:

    -If you allow multiple retakes, can they deduct some percentage for a correct answer, if the student doesn't get it on the first try. This avoids rewarding guesses.

  • this is really important feature, I have a student retaking course and having this problem right now....

  • Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    The quiz settings feature does allow multiple retakes, but it overrides the previous grade try. It think this makes sense as the recorded grade in Canvas, is the most recent attempt. This works for us at my institution.

    Just don't edit a quiz after students have started to taking the quiz, especially if you have Canvas quiz report to import quiz result.

  • Just had an instance where we needed to reset an individual's "0" score on a Panopto Quiz. Instructor does not want to reset the quiz to allow retakes for everyone. Only wants to reset for the one student who got the zero. As far as I know it's still all or nothing, allow retakes for ALL or None. Not for one individual.

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