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Password Protected Link

There is a need to share a video, but also have it require a password for viewership. There are a few potential ways of doing this, but none that are great, and today they all leave the underlying video open when Panopto is used to host the video.

As Panopto increases saturation into other areas (beyond our core Lecture Capture needs), having this sort of flexibility is going to be important.

If there was a solid integration with SharePoint, that may meet our needs in this case, but there are situations where that wouldn't be enough.

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  • I agree with this request. Other vendors have this feature. This feature is useful when sharing videos with external entities. For example, we have a Professional Sales competition, students record their sales pitches. The instructor shares the links with external users, and they have requested the ability to add a password as an extra level of security.

  • +1. Being able to password protect an entire folder or an individual video would be great!

  • Dave HannanDave Hannan Administrator

    @Michael Espey @Carlos Coronel @Chris Smith - Have you tried our email invitation feature? I only ask because that feature is off by default and customers aren't always aware of it. Our thinking is that this is actually a more secure way to share content externally as you can easily revoke a particular user/token if needed.

  • Never heard of this feature. How many "hidden" super-admin level features are there that we don't know about it?

    As long as Panopto is working on upgrading:

    1) A unified, simple to use, feature-rich recorder, with a visual indicator in the system tray for audio, virtual backgrounds, etc.

    2) An updated editor, with support for text, graph overlays, ability to assign caption editors

    3) A mobile player with the ability to switch among multiple sources

    I better stop here, the list could get large....

  • @Dave Hannan I really appreciate the reply and the suggestion. I have had the email invitation feature that you mentioned on for a while (where you can send a unique link that allows "Anyone with the link" access even if the folder/session are set another way), and it does work well but for this purpose we needed it to go a bit further. In the case that drove the request, there was a large list of people who needed to be able to share a few videos, but not edit, and a larger list of people who needed access at a moments notice. The vendor who was providing the content also wanted these materials to be behind a password; not a requirement but a suggestion.

    They are not confidential materials, but they are somewhat graphic. The department wanted to have them obscured a bit more than just a link. My idea was to use the email invitation to give each office their own link to share, and if there was a password we could add to that link, it would've been a great solution.

    It would be perfect if we could generate unique links, just like how the email invitation works, but without the need to send it via an automated email from Panopto. With that change, it would be good to be able to add things like availability windows, passwords, and groups to specific links. Similar to how Office 365 works. I think also having the ability to set a password across the board for a session/folder for any viewership would be good.

    In the end, I agree that a unique token for each user is much more secure, but in this case that wouldn't work just because of the volume of users.

  • @Carlos Coronel Here is the feature in question: https://support.panopto.com/s/article/Share-Videos-via-Email-Invitation

    It looks like it is on by default now.

  • Agree. There are some instances in which we need to have a second level of access protection. This is a good "optional" feature to have. However, it needs to be balanced with the access rights - if someone has access to the video, should him/her need to enter the password? Maybe add a "mandatory" option so everyone must enter the password.

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