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Add transitions, text, annotation, and graphic overlay ability to the editor

Caitlin McCabeCaitlin McCabe Administrator
edited June 9 in Feature Requests

Original Post

Gemma Witton, 3/13/2018 at 9:29 AM

Being able to add a title, either spliced inline or overlaid would be cool. Especially if it also populated the contents. Particularly useful for content without slides.


Pauline Cooper, July 2020

We would like the ability to add transitions (fades, dissolves, wipes) to videos.

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  • DAve,

    You are correct, overlaying TEXT on top of the video when editing should be a function of the editor. This is a very useful feature. I will also add, the ability to add call outs or add shaped overlays (circle, rectangle, or even emojis - to make it fun). Most of the top competitors in your area have this feature, i will suggest adding it. This and recording a area or window on the screen instead of all the screen.

    BTW, the new WEB Recorder has some of these features, but i see having a different recorder will cause a lot of pain for our users. Panopto should have ONE fully featured recorders instead of two different recorders.

  • I am looking for a built in fade in and fade out function in the Panopto Editor.

  • Jeff MaherJeff Maher Crackerjack

    I concur

  • We would like the ability to add text and/or graphics to recorded videos - much like YouTube.

  • Absolutely, we have faculty who want to add small text boxes to a video and the process of having to download a video from Panopto to use another video editor, and the to repeat the upload process is just tedious.

  • We have requested this in the past, and also the ability to overlay text with hyperlinks to websites or other videos within Panopto

  • We would like the ability to add transitions (fades, dissolves, wipes) to videos.

  • Me too!

  • I like this idea. We have been using Adobe Spark to create short title sequences etc. and then splicing them into a Panopto video as a clip using the editor.

  • This would be a helpful feature.

  • Are there any updates on timeline for this sort of functionality?

  • Ditto Carlos' suggestions. This is essential for us to go from merely recording a lecture to making it stand out. Is this on the roadmap?

  • +1 Two faculty have asked for this feature as we onboarded this spring.

  • @Dave Hannan will this be something that is only available with Camtasia, I would hope the intent to have a native tool for adding overlays, call to action buttons, etc. so existing content is also in the fold.

    Thank you!


  • If the only milestone on the roadmap for this functionality is via the Camtasia integration, that will be a huge disappointment.

  • Another way this feature could be useful is for video security at a company. We often put confidentiality text on videos, but it would be nice to also have "variables" that are interpreted on the fly.

    For example, if we had a text overlay that said "Video streamed by John Doe on 9/16/21 19:02:00 UTC from", where the source of that overlay would be "Video streamed by {{userFullName}} on {{dateTimeStreamingStarted}} from {{IP Address}}" or similar. This would give us a huge leg up in preventing leaked videos for confidential material (like someone recording their screen with their phone).

  • Has this feature been implemented yet? I've have several requests for "lower third" titles during seminar presentations where it would be good to overlay a name and title during an event. Any update on this request?

  • Any timeline on implementing this? It is really necessary for courses where certain components need to hidden such as the recording date on the users computer clock etc.

  • We have been requesting this feature for years! It is about time this is done. So many competitors have much better editing features than Panopto. Please do this a.s.a.p.

  • Any more word here?? This really needs to happen.

  • KathrynKathryn Administrator

    @Kevin Hartman Our current roadmap has 3 categories: Now, Next, and Later. This item, specifically the annotation part, is currently listed under the "Later" category, meaning that after the "Now" and "Next" items are completed, research will begin on how best to implement the feature. Later items do not yet have a timeline assigned, but I can say that there are only a handful of items in each category, so it is high on the radar. We know this one is important to all of you!

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