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Windows registry settings to maintain or reset audio in put after upgrade?

On behalf of a power user of ours -- Hi Team, I‘m planning to update my Panopto PCs from earlier versions of Win10 to Win10 20H2. For the most part, this appears to be a smooth procedure, however one thing I have seen is that when I update the OS, I lose one of my config settings in the console. Specifically, in the Configuration section for the remote recorder, the Primary Audio capture should be Line-In (Realtek), … but what happens when the OS is updated, is that this setting is lost (unchecked). This isn’t a huge issue; we can manually re-select the proper capture setting, however I was hoping to find out if there’s a way that we can do this systematically as part of the update (i.e.; is there a regkey associated with the setting in question that we can flip to the desired value once the OS update has completed?). Do you have any information that could prove helpful in resolving this?


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