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Panopto HIPPA / FERPA Compliance

Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid
edited February 2021 in Product Questions

I cannot find information about Panopto HIPPA / FERPA Compliance. Please add information in the Panopto website. Thank you!


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    Hi Elba,

    I'm going to have your Customer Success Advocate reach out about this - please keep an eye out for correspondence from them.

    Best wishes,


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    Thank you @Cait McCabe, I have been in touch with my Success Advocate. He's been very helpful. I added this topic here because I thought it would be of interest and beneficial to the Panopto community. Thank you.

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    I think best practice in FERPA compliant video usage for education would be a useful topic for all of us in higher ed.

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    Back to your original question, @Elba Rios, did you ever receive or did you find any HIPAA/FERPA compliance statements that were publicly available? I have asked the Panopto point of contact at my institution to reach out to our CSA and get information.

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