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Add a "Save as" option in the editor

I'd really like a "Save as" option in the editor. As things work right now, if I want to split up a recording I first have to create a copy, then do the appropriate edits to each copy. Not a very convenient workflow.

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  • This used to be an options and they removed it. It was very convenient and it seems silly to have removed it.

    You could do your edits, make a copy, then undo the edits on the first recording, but it's still not as convenient as "Save As...".

  • Elba RiosElba Rios Whiz Kid

    Previously, "Save as" was somehow linked to the original session. So, if you couldn't delete the original session without it affecting the "save as" session.

    This is the workflow my workflow: copying the session. Hover over session - settings -> manage -> copy. Then, I edit the copied session.

  • This is a very common feature on other VMS systems, and it needs to be implemented. Does not make sense for teachers to copy the video before editing.

  • @Elba Rios as an FYI, the edited session still counts as having the same length in Panopto even if you edit a 2 hour session down to 30 seconds.

  • This FR should at the very least be under consideration, especially considering the new pricing model Panopto is moving to that charges for stored hours.

  • Yes, the "Save As" used to be a great feature, I don't why they ever got rid of it.

  • Vegard, yes your suggestion above seems like a good idea, good feature to have in the editor, maybe Panopto could explain why it was taken away, unusual for them to take away good functionality in my experience, anyway if this was the Eurovision Song Contest, this would get my vote, so yes I have given it my vote from the Irish University Voting Group!

  • Bumping this. Would be nice with clarification from Panopto if this is indeed in the works, or at least give us a reason why the feature isn't available.

  • Bumpty Bump! , many Teachers are asking for this. It will also help with GDPR as teachers can make a new version without parts that are only virtually edited away.

  • Magnus LianMagnus Lian Whiz Kid

    Is this feature under consideration?

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